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Does Refinancing Make Sense?

There are many times when refinancing can help you save money and/or pay off your home loan sooner. Some reasons to refinance might include:

  • If you plan on staying in your home for several more years,
  • You can lower your rate by at least 1%,
  • You have an ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) that is about to adjust with no or a small pre-payment penalty.

Before you refinance, know your goals.

Are you trying to:

  • Lower your rate?
  • Lower your payment?
  • Take cash out?
  • Consolidate debt?
  • Shorten the term?
  • Use your equity for other expenses?

Because refinancing involves out-of-pocket closing costs, knowing your goals is important. We recommend talking to one of our Mortgage Originators first. They'll help evaluate the best option for your specific situation.

Retire Your Mortgage at WPCU!

If you are nearing retirement and want to retire with no mortgage debt, our Retire Your Mortgage loan can help you pay off your loan sooner, while saving money over the life of the loan and possibly lowering your monthly payment!

Equal Housing Opportunity

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